• Dayton Towing Service

    private property towing texasIn your parking lot, it is important that you do not have vehicles that would be considered to be parked illegally, or vehicles that look as if they are abandoned. Most folks do not want to have to deal with this hassle. For this reason, we can offer you a customized program to benefit you as well as your community.

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    Dayton Private Property Towing Company

    ranger tow DaytonRanger Tow is already used by dozens of communities in need of towing services; this is a number that continually increases. If you own or manage apartment complexes or commercial properties and are having parking issues, the easiest thing to do is contact Ranger Tow and have us take care of violators to protect your property’s integrity.

    • Handicap parking auto tow
    • Fire lane
    • Reserved parking enforcement
    • Parking permit
    • Parking lots
    • Nearest car towing
    • Breakdown services ASAP
    • Emergency roadside service
    • Interstate and city
    • Motorcycle
    • Discount, cheap pricing to tow car
    • Heavy duty and RVs
    • RV
    • Flat bed private property impound (PPI)

    Here are some services Ranger Tow can help you with:

    1. Replace all of your signage with Ranger Tow signs: Reserved, Handicap, Fire Zone, No Parking, Permit Parking, Assigned Parking, Head In, etc.

    2. Stickering the parking lot at least once per month. We offer digital-form sticker records in real time.

    3. Offer you unique, numbered parking permits as needed.

    4. Providing towing and lock out services to the owners and managers.

    5. Ensure you have access to our cloud-based Towing Management System, which is updated in real time.

    (please be aware that the services above come with a small fee)

    Roadside Assistance Dayton, Texas

    roadside assistance texasAre you in need of roadside assistance? Not only is Ranger Tow affordable, but we will also get to you fast. Get in touch immediately. From flat tires or a dead battery to helping those who’ve locked their keys in their vehicle, we can help Texas residents anytime of the day. We are known for providing speedy average arrival times for all of our customers. You can call us no matter where your current location is in relation to the vehicle in question as well.

    Our phone lines are always open; our dispatchers work both night and day. The top priority is your convenience and comfort as a resident, manager, or other staff. At Ranger Tow, we work, and are in contract with many storage facility companies near and around apartments and commercial businesses in Texas.

    We’re incredibly proud of our ability to deliver top-tier customer service while ensuring your parking enforcement issues are resolved. As a professional towing company, we are committed to making sure that we are your towing company of choice in Texas.

    Tow Truck Near Me In Dayton, TX

    We use highly trained pros, cutting edge equipment and technology.

    Ranger Tow carries extensive liability insurance above and beyond our clients’ requirements. We’re also a proud Compliance Depot member.

    Junk Car Removal Dayton

    junk car removal txTrying to get rid of your older car? Give us a call to remove any car no matter what condition it is in. We do not want to interrupt your day so we make sure you are scheduled in for a pick up that is convenient for you. We are always concerned about your time.

    Damage-Free Towing

    Every one of our trucks are self-loading or “damage-free” tows. This simply means that only the rubber tire will be touched, and not any other part of the vehicle.

    It is very important to keep our number handy so if you are ever in need of our Dayton tow truck at any time of day or night, you can give us a call immediately.

    An emergency can occur in seconds, so having your towing company number on hand will save you both time and money, as well as the hassle and stress of locating a tow in the midst of the emergency.

    Have you locked yourself out of your car? Never fear! We can get a Ranger Tow truck technician out to you very quickly. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, when you call, we’ll be there.

    Reach out to us: (713) 357-8225